Kinesiology Tape D3 Tape

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Colour: Black

What is d3® K Tape (Kinesiology Tape)?

This elastic therapeutic tape has been given a high profile thanks to such athletes as Serena Williams, Kerri Walsh and David Beckham.

Yet d3® K tape is effective for treating a wide range of problems, not just sports injuries.

In fact, the main users of K tape when it was first introduced in Japan were orthopedists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and other alternative practitioners.

The elastic cotton strip and an acrylic adhesive is perfect for treating a variety of injuries and physical disorders, from tennis elbow to pregnancy pain. When a muscle is inflamed, swollen or stiff, the space between the skin and the muscle is compressed resulting in constriction and congestion to the flow of lymphatic fluid and blood circulation. This compression applies pressure to the pain receptors resulting in the feeling of soreness to the affected area.

Applying d3® K6.0 Kinesiology Tape helps to lift the skin allowing increased lymphatic fluid and blood flow to the affected area. This reduces friction and pressure on the damaged tissues and relieves the feeling of pain. Supporting and promoting injury recovery reduces muscle fatigue, encourages increased range of motion and supports better quality muscle contraction.

What is d3® K Tape used for?

•Achilles tendonitis

•Plantar fasciitis

•Jumpers knee (PFS)

•ACL/MCL issues

•Rotator cuff

•Groin and hamstring pulls

•Lower back issues

•Shin splints

•Tennis and golf elbow

•Postural correction

Length and Width: 6m x 50mm Roll

Quantity:1 roll

Colour options: Black, Royal, Electric, Lime, Silver, Beige, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple.

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