Grip4orce Hand Grips

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Performance enhancing grips for all Athletes.

Grip4orce has an inner-core Resistance that thick or regular bars don't have.

Why Tension?

The act of squeezing the bar firmly is important for safety and crucial when looking to develop strength and muscle. With Grip4orce, the increased hand tension will produce an immediate increase in the force of joint flexion and extension, thereby promoting faster gains in grip strength and activating more hard-to-reach muscles throughout the body.


•Internal Polymer Resistance Core Intermediate and Advanced

•Spreads weight evenly for reduced negative joint strain

•Anti-Slip Tread Design

•Forces hand into active grip state (Crushing Grip)

•Converts bars and dumbbells to larger 2" diameter (Thick-bar)

•Can also be used as a stand alone hand grip device Benefits

• Improves Mind Muscle Connection (MMC)

• Target as close to 100% of total muscle fiber recruitment

• Enhances stimulation to the working muscles

• Improves Intramuscular strength

• Supports Increased Thumb, Wrist, Forearm, and Grip Strength

• Improves Grip Strength while doing your normal exercises

• Increased Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder Stability

• Increased Arm Pump

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Copyright © 2018 Fitness Gear 4U. All rights reserved.